Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Center

Jamestown, CO


Residential Silent Meditation Retreat 

with Terry Ray

We are all born with hearts that are enomous, loving and filled with vitality for all of life. Underneath walls of protection, our hearts remain beyond our mind's grasp. When we come home to this love we realize that it is what we have been longing for, and we can reconnect with an intelligence that is the source of healing and deep peace.


Sept 19th - 22nd , 2019


Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Center

Jamestown, CO


$190 - $240 

Depending on accomodation + teacher dana

There is no required instructor fee however, donations may be made to the teacher in the Buddhist practice of dana (generosity). Donations are tax deductable


There has been a cancellation in the September Retreat and there is space available. Contact for information.