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Dedicated Practitioner Program

Going Deeper​

Sundays    May 19- November 3


Suggested donation $600


The Dedicated Practitioner’s Program is for serious practitioners only. Joining is a commitment that you make to the teacher, the group and yourself to go deeper to your own truth and awakening.

The first foundation of mindfulness as taught by the Buddha is mindfulness in the body or waking up through the sense doors. The practice of Sensory Awareness is a mindfulness practice of coming home to our embodied presence.  Through this we discover our own truth, become our own authority and wake up to the natural intelligence and vitality that is in each one of us.


The focus is on deepening into ourselves, our connection to others and with the world around us.


How does it feel to be at peace and fully awake? You could be like this in perfect quiet and you could be like this in the wildest dance.  It is your birthright!

                                                                                                                         —Charlotte Selver

Each class will consist of sitting meditation and Sensory Awareness experiments, as well as discussion and sharing. The program includes homework to practice during the week.

We will be working with embodying practices and finding new ways to make mindfulness, love and meditation vibrant parts of your life

Registration is limited 


If you are interested please fill out the following application

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