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Terry Ray is a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in relationship issues, trauma resolution, spiritual guidance, self esteem and difficulties around health and aging.  Her guidance is gentle and powerfully effective, using her background of many years of therapy, meditation and somatic training. She supports her clients in their personal transformations to clarity love and presence.

Every client, couple and situation is unique therefore the psychotherapeudic-approach used must be specific to the needs of the moment and the individual situation.  Terry's background, many different trainings, life experience and deep compassionate listening skills offer a variety of methods to fit the specific needs of the individual.  She provides guidance and safety for clients to explore and discover their own particular resources, teaching and encouraging them to go out on their own while being available if or when they need more support.

Clients frequently discover underlying somatic holdings that are locked in the nervous system as unresolved childhood traumas are unearthed. Uncovering the roots of the traumas transforms the client and keep the situations from reappearing in different forms in future situations.

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