Terry Ray

In an effort to offer peace of mind in an uncertain time, I am leading weekly online meditation classes.

Sundays, 10am-12:00pm (MDT):
10-10:45 Sitting
10:45-11 Sharing
11:00-12 Dharma teachings and exercises


Mondays, 8:00am-8:40am (MDT)

Mondays, 5:15pm-7:15pm (MDT)

5:15-6:15 Sitting

6:15-7:15 Group sharing-go around


Please email insightsanghaboulder@gmail.com for the link/password to these meetings.

Sensory Awareness video/class available here: 


May All Beings Be Free of Suffering
About Terry

Terry Ray began practicing Meditation and Sensory Awareness in 1974 when she studied at Naropa Institute with Joseph Goldstein.  She continues to lead Sensory Awareness and Insight Meditation through the Insight Meditation Community of Colorado and at Naropa Institute in Boulder, CO.

"I have been on many meditation retreats that Terry has offered over the years. She creates a very safe space to allow the participants to go within. Terry is a wonderful speaker. Her Dharma talks are the teachings of the Buddha alive. She bridges these ancient teachings to our contemporary lives and gives us tools to live skillfully. I would highly recomment attending a silent meditation retreat with Terry"

Meditation Retreats and Events

"This was my first retreat and my heart was broken open. I was amazed that I was actually able to sit for as many hours as I did.It was rigorous at times, peaceful and sublime at others.

Terry is a true, amazing heart and I feel so grateful to have been able to have had this experience with her.”  Nina

"The retreat was heart opening and deeply nourishing. Terry held a wonderful container that allowed me to feel safe and go deep into my practice. The dharma talks were wonderful too! I would highly recommend Terry's retreats to women who want to deepen their connection to themselves and their meditation practice, as well as to open their heart." Karin

Sensory Awareness

Sensory Awareness is a body centered mindfulness practice. Terry's method is gentle yet powerful and focuses on waking up to one's innate wisdom through combining Buddhist principles with this powerful yet simple practice. 

"Terry’s decades of practice shine through her teachings and through her Presence as deep wisdom and an unswerving movement and guidance toward Kindness."

Upcoming Talks
Embodied Presence
A Spiritual Memoir

What people are saying..

"I love your book!  I haven’t been able to put it down since I got up this morning and really I have a ton to do.  I’m laughing and crying and want to give a copy to everyone I know.  I’m now saying yes to things that arise , trusting that I have the capacity to extend myself a little further"

"Well, I am impressed!"

Writings and Recordings
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3895 Spring Valley Rd,  Boulder, CO 80304

Email: terry@terryray.org | Tel: 303 817 7778

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