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...may all beings be free of suffering...


Specializes in relationship issues, trauma resolution, spiritual guidance, self esteem and difficulties around health and aging.


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Guided weekly meditations and retreats.


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A body centered mindfulness practice focused on waking up to one's innate wisdom through combining Buddhist principles.


Written work including my spiritual memoir Embodied Presence.

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"I have been on many meditation retreats that Terry has offered over the years. She creates a very safe space to allow the participants to go within. Terry is a wonderful speaker. Her Dharma talks are the teachings of the Buddha alive. She bridges these ancient teachings to our contemporary lives and gives us tools to live skillfully. I would highly recommend attending a silent meditation retreat with Terry"



Terry Ray began practicing Meditation and Sensory Awareness in 1974 when she studied at Naropa Institute with Joseph Goldstein.  She continues to lead Sensory Awareness and Insight Meditation through the Insight Meditation Community of Colorado and at Naropa Institute in Boulder, CO.

Donations are never expected and always appreciated.

Classes, retreats and workshops are offered free and scholarships for housing are provided whenever possible.


These are made possible by your generosity.

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