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Thank you for your application to the Dedicated Practitioner’s Program.  This course has been designed for serious practitioners to provide an opportunity to examine their lives fully and explore deeply into the practices of Mindfulness of the Body or Sensory Awareness.


It takes courage, commitment and energy to move into more clarity, focus and simplification while living a culture that encourages achievement, consumerism and busyness. We need a lot of reminders and support to be able to practice as Western lay practitioners.


The course encourages experiential-based learning, embodying the dharma within daily life and supporting authenticity as one of the rich aspects of creating community.


As a participant, you will be asked to commit to maintaining a daily practice, some regular reflection practices as well as bring to close attention to specific ordinary life experiences.  We will also work with assignments that might include readings from Buddhist texts and maintain contact with a study/practice partner ("dharma buddy").


Each class will include meditation practice, interactive experiments, inquiry and working in as dyads and triads as well as open dialogue with the group or for further investigation and discussion.   


Please bear in mind when you join the DPP the commitment is to wholehearted participation.


The deadline for applications to DPP is August 1 2019.  Applicants will be notified by August 15, 2019

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